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Regularly we release articles about company news, fascinating sightings, our social welfare and conservation support and of course about all the information you need for a world-class birding tour.

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Bird anecdotes on Instagram
Using Instagram as a media to spark interest in birdlife
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Garden Bird ID session event a big success
Telling people not only the bird's name but anecdotes will turn them into bird enthusiasts
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Cyril Ramaphosa’s promising passion for conservation
As South Africa’s new president, taking over from Jacob Zuma, and passionate farmer, Cyril Ramaphosa focuses on conserving animals for the future. BirdsConTour researched.
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CONSERVATION  all articles

Celebrating World Sparrow Day
The House Sparrow, an ambassador for our health
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Learning about urban birds
A BirdsConTour Penguin Award is always part of the package
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Another event absolved, the Raptor ID session
Report of the Training-Session on Identifying Raptors of Southern Africa
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WELFARE  all articles

Over 90% of childhood cancer deaths in low resource areas.
Supporting cancer children from low-income settings.
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Aiding Wings counteracts children’s suffering
Your toy clean-out for a good cause
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In favor of children with cancer
It is our sincere hope that with such support, the lives of these suffering cancer children will be alleviated by moments of joy.
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